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Membership Fee

General Member


Admission Fee's
Admission fee Tk. 50/- (Taka Fifty) is payable at a time for becoming a member of the Institution. (as per constitution article-04.01)

Yearly Membership Subscription
Every registered member shall pay Tk. 200/- (Two Hundred only) at a time during each English calendar year. (as per constitution article-04.02)

Special Subscription/Donation
The Central Executive Committee and The District Executive Committee in consultation with the Central Executive Committee may receive special subscriptions/ donations from the members for the interest of the Institution as well as for the help of distressed whenever necessary  (as per constitution article-04.03)


Student Membership Fee's

Student members shall not be required to pay any subscription. To enroll as student member of the Institution, one shall be required to fill up a prescribed from, as issued by the Central Executive Committee, with the payment of Tk. 10.00 (ten) only as enrolment fee. (as per constitution article-04.04)