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About Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh

About IDEB

The Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) is the largest professional organization of Bangladesh, established on 8th November 1970. This institution was establish to serve as one voice for the main stream of engineering community who are also being known as a people’s engineer in Bangladesh and engineering profession. IDEB is a multidisciplinary organization of engineering societies which dedicated for advancing the knowledge, understanding and practice of engineering sector. Currently (2014) its members strength is 0.4 million, 33 members Central Executive Committee operates and conducted all activities of IDEB. It has well established organizational network with 69 District Committee, 488 Upazilla (Sub-District) Committee, 15 Industrial Belt Committees and 117 Service Association throughout the country. IDEB has student member organization in different Polytechnic Institute (about 400). These organizations are helping IDEB in implementing institutional activities.

To formulate the overall policy of Institution, it has a national council consisting 500 members. IDEB has also 11 member advisory council.

As IDEB’s member engineers believe that engineering profession can improve the quality of life and change the society, for which IDEB is working for advancing the engineering profession’s impact on the public welfare. So engineers have an obligation to serve people for which IDEB has to participate in engineering policy, planning & public awareness. As such IDEB always demonstrated & pursued engineering should be practiced with the highest degree of professionalism and ethics. IDEB act as the authoritative voice of the engineering profession in Bangladesh.

Organizational of the institutional chart is given below:



IDEB envision to be one of the largest & vibrant professional organization of engineers-technologists in Bangladesh & in the world, which is committed to promotion of continual professional development & innovative approach towards the cause of sustainable development & to serve the humanity through inclusive growth..



IDEB to promote Engineering, Science & Technological knowledge and skill in the world of work and to facilitate dissemination and exchange of information, idea amongst members of the profession and to extend value based service to the nation at all decibel levels.

IDEB seek to improve the quality of life for all, prosperity and adding value through innovation & sustainable development.


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